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How to make a form with Makeform

Adding forms to your website or any other platform that accepts embedded resources is a good way to collect user information, and feedback, provide support, and so on but it requires some technical skills like knowing HTML and CSS at least. So, if you don't have these skills or even don't want to create form code every time you need to update or create one, Makeform is the right tool for you.

1. Create a Makeform account

The first thing you need to do to create a form using Makeform is create an account. You can use a test email if you are concerned with spam emails or if you just want to give it a try before adding your personal or business email.

2. Creating a form

After creating a Makeform account, or doing login, you will see a "Create form" button. Let's click on it to access the "New form" page.

On the form page, you can see several options to add fields to your form and customize the content. For this example, let's create a simple "Contact us" form following the instructions below:

  • Set the "Name" as "Contact us"
  • Add a new field "Name"
  • Add a new field "Email" with type "Email"
  • Add a new field "Message" with type "Textarea" to allow multiple lines

You will see a form preview on the right while you are editing your form. This is helpful to visualize how your users are going to see and interact with the form.

Now, we can also add an intro with a title and description if you want. This is particularly helpful if you are going to share the form URL directly with your users without embedding it in a website. You can also customize the success message and see it on preview by clicking on the "Success" button on the top of the preview box.

When you are satisfied with your form, you can click on the "Create form" button to finish the process.

3. Sharing the form

With the form created, you can share it with your users. You can do that by embedding it into your website or any other platform that accepts embedded resources or sharing the URL directly.


In this blog post, you learned how to create a form using Makeform is very simple, easy, and fast but if you have any questions or suggestions to make it better you can send me an email directly at Thanks for your time!